2. Study Support Timetable

SubjectDayTimeLocationAdditional information
Art Every day Lunchtime Art rooms Pupils can get extra support and complete work
Every day After School Art rooms Pupils can get extra support and complete work
Business Studies GCSE & OCR Monday and Wednesday After School E41/E42 "Controlled assessment catch up - E42 Targeted revision"
Wednesday Lunchtime E42 Controlled assessment catch up - E42
tbc 8.15am E41 Targeted revision (selected groups from March)
Electronics & Engineering tbc Lunch time   Coursework catch up
English Mon-Fri Lunchtime B23 Drop in sessions (Dr Hinchcliffe)
Monday Lunchtime C32 Mrs Cross
Monday After School   Miss Hayton, Ms Peters, Mrs Cross
Thursday After School   Miss Peet
French Tuesday 8.45-9.30   Mrs Mills - Exam Technique Intervention
Geography Monday 3.20 - 4.15pm   GCSE Revision
Thursday 3.15 pm   GCSE Revision Sessions
German Wednesday 3.15 - 4.15   Exam Technique Intervention
Health & Social Care Monday After School A46 Coursework catch-up
Wednesday Lunchtime A46 Coursework catch-up
History Wednesday 3.15 or 3.30 C23/C24/C25 Additional sessions by arrangement with teachers.
Targeted boys sessions with Mr Harwood, Thursday A, P5
ICT & Computer Science Monday, Wednesday, Thursday After School E43 Selected pupils: coursework and revision support
Mon-Fri Lunchtime E43 Drop in - coursework and revision support
Maths Monday 1.30 - 2.10 pm See right 11-O1 (JMM): A22 (& Thursdays after school)
0 After School 11-S5 (DRG): A24. (After Feb. 1/2 term: 11-S4 (JMM): A22)
Tuesday 1.30 - 2.10 pm After Feb. 1/2 term: 11-O2 (ERA) & 11-S2 (RDD): A28 (Week A).
Wednesday After School 11-O5 (BSP): A26; 11-S2 (RDD) & 11-S2 (ERA): A21, 11-AZ (JAC): A23
Thursday Lunch time 11S3 (APW) & 11-O4 (APW) & 11-O3 (KEG): A27
  After School 11-S3 (APW) & 11-O4 (APW) & 11-O3 (KEG): A26
    11-S1 (GMA): A25, 11-O1 (JMM): A22, 11-S2 (RDD) & 11-O2 (ERA): A21
Friday 1.30 - 2.10 pm 11-O2 (ERA) & 11-S2 (RDD): A28 (Week B).
Music Tues & Weds Wk A Lunch time D3 Coursework drop-in
Tues, Weds, Fri Wk B Lunch time
Thu Wk A & B After school
Monday Wk B After school
Performing Arts Monday 3.15-5 pm B26 Coursework drop in
Wednesday 3.15-5 pm
Thursday Lunchtime
Mon/Wed/Fri Lunchtime
PE Monday, Thursday, Friday Lunchtime D1 Targeted revision support
Religious Studies Wednesday Lunchtime   Revision support
Science Monday Lunchtime   Revision support
Wednesday After School  
Spanish Monday - Fri Weekday Lunch A49 Controlled assessment
Tuesday 8.45-9.00 A* Grade boost Intervention (to start March 2017)
Tuesday 8.45-9.00 Exam technique Intervention
Thursday 3.15-4.15 A49/A52/A51 Controlled assessment/Grade boost Exam Technique Inervention
Textiles Thursday After School A47 Controlled assessment catch up

3. LRC Revision Timetable


Tue 6th June P4 & 5 plus after school
Wed 7th June  After school only
Thu 8th June  P5 plus after school
Fri 9th June  All day until 3.30
Mon 12th June P3 & 4 plus after school
Tue 13th June P5 plus after school
Thu 15th June P3 & 4 plus after school
Fri 16th June All day until 3.30


6. Revision Resources















7. Specifications and Past Papers

Subject Qualification Level Board Specif. Code Past Paper Specification
Art & Design Fine Art GCSE AQA 4200 GO GO
Art & Design Graphic Communication GCSE AQA 4203 GO GO
Biology GCSE AQA 4401 GO GO
Business and Enterprise National Certificate OCR J814 GO GO
Business Studies GCSE AQA 4133 GO GO
Chemistry GCSE AQA 4402 GO GO
Computer Science GCSE AQA 4512 GO GO
D & T Electronic Products GCSE AQA 4542 GO GO
Engineering Manufacture L1/2 Cambridge National Cert. OCR J842 GO GO
English Language GCSE Eduqas C700QS   GO
English Literature GCSE Eduqas C720QS   GO
Food Technology GCSE AQA 4547 GO GO
French GCSE AQA 4655 GO GO
Geography GCSE AQA 9030 GO GO
German GCSE Edexcel 2GN01 GO GO
Health & Social Care BTEC L2 Award Edexcel N/A   GO
History GCSE Edexcel 2HB01 GO GO
ICT GCSE Edexcel 2IT01 GO GO
Mathematics GCSE Edexcel 1MA1 GO GO
Mathematics Further L2 Certificate AQA 8360 GO GO
Music GCSE Edexcel 2MU01 GO GO
Performing Arts GCSE AQA 4880 GO GO
Physical Education GCSE AQA 4892 GO GO
Physics GCSE AQA 4403 GO GO
Religious Studies GCSE OCR J621 GO GO
Science GCSE AQA 4406 GO GO
Additional Science GCSE AQA 4409 GO GO
Spanish GCSE AQA 4698 GO GO
Textiles GCSE AQA 4572 GO GO

8. Equipment: Your GCSE Toolkit

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10. Exam Timetable