go white 1) Go to to arrive at the log-in screen.

2) In the 'First time user' section, please enter your email address. This must be the address we have registered in our database for you (i.e. the one which generally receives messages from the school). If you would like to change this email address please contact us on 01695 583040 and ask for Mrs L McMullin.

3) Click on 'Please send me a password'. A randomised password will then be generated and sent to your email address. You will then be able to log into the site and view your child’s page.


What is GO 4 Schools?

Using GO 4 Schools, you will be able to view your child’s progress online and access the following information at any time:

  • Real-time attainment information – live assessment marks and progress grades for all subjects throughout the year.
  • Timetable – Your child’s daily and weekly timetable
  • Attendance – Shown from the start of the academic year
  • Progress Reports – Interim and full written reports which are published up to 6 times a year

Your child’s page is constantly updated, providing you with the latest information on how they are doing in school. This system will develop over the coming year to provide a very powerful means of supporting your child's progress through school.

All pupils will also have access to their information, and the website can be viewed on any mobile device or PC.

In the early stages of implementation, you may not see complete data. Please bear with us as we get things established.