Important Information - iCloud Backup


We strongly recommend that all pupils with iPads have iCloud backup turned on to ensure data is recoverable if the iPad is damaged or lost. Please carefully read through the instructions below and follow through the steps to check you have a recent backup. If you have any trouble backing your iPad up please drop in to ICT Support. To see how to back up work in specific apps click 'more information' below.

iCloud Backup Instructions


Pupils with devices issued by school only

You may see the following message when trying to access certain websites on your iPad:

webrest restricted

This means the web restriction has blocked the site due to its content. Sometimes this may happen on legitimate websites so they need to be whitlisted by us to allow access. Fill in the information below to submit a request for a website to be unrestricted.

Request Access

You can request that restricted sites are added to the whitelist if you believe they have been blocked mistakenly. Please fill in the information below to get the site checked and added to the whitelist. We will try to check sites and add them within a day. If the site doesn't work after 24-48 hours, it may be that we have checked it and decided it should stay restricted. Please visit us in ICT support if you wish to give us more information about why the site should be accessible.

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