iPads for All: 21st Century learning at Ormskirk School

We are delighted to introduce you to our iPads for All scheme which is already in place for all of our main school pupils.

This scheme is an exciting venture for the school. The learning opportunities afforded by such devices are extensive, and we are committed to ensuring that our pupils benefit from them fully.

We would urge parents to read the information provided in this section, which includes detailed guidance about the scheme, findings of research into the use of tablets in schools and details for signing up to the scheme.

iPads @ Ormskirk School

Signing Up

The sign up process for our iPads for All Scheme is now available for pupils starting year 7 in September 2018. Please follow the sign up link below and fill in the required details to indicate your choice. We would be grateful for a response for all pupils whether you will be renting an iPad through the scheme or using an iPad purchased separately. If you are joining the scheme, you will also need to follow the second link below to set up your direct debit. The initial deposit of £40 will be taken now and monthly payments will begin in October.

Guide for Parents 2018

Parental Agreement Terms

Sign Up Form

Direct Debit Setup
(Only if renting through the scheme)


  • Significant discounts are available for pupils who are currently entitled to free school meals, and for those who have claimed free school meals in the last 6 years.
  • Parents who have more than one child in the school are entitled to a 25% discount on additional devices.

If your child is already a pupil at Ormskirk School or is starting in a different year group, please contact the Finance Office to discuss signing up to the scheme.