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Open the Home Access Plus + app. This should be automatically installed on all iPads used in  school, but is also available for free in the App Store.


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Enter the required details. The server address is and the username and password are the same as you would use to log on to a computer in school.


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If you're using your own iPad select Personal when prompted for the device type. If youre on a pool or borrowed iPad, select Shared.


IMG 0007

That's it! You'll then have access to your N: (Documents) drive and the W: (RMShared) drive as you would on a PC.


Important Information - iCloud Backup


We strongly recommend that all pupils with iPads have iCloud backup turned on to ensure data is recoverable if the iPad is damaged or lost. Please carefully read through the instructions below and follow through the steps to check you have a recent backup. If you have any trouble backing up your iPad please drop in to ICT Support. To see how to back up work in specific apps click 'more information' below.

iCloud Backup Instructions