Subject Overview 

In A level Economics it is our intent that students nurture a lifelong passion for economics, by developing enquiring minds with unparalleled analytical tools to interpret the world around them. As part of our global community they will understand all of the great challenges that face humanity. The study of economics enables young people to interpret and understand the world around them, helping them to engage with important local, national and global issues and challenge conventional thinking or received wisdom. Our curriculum is designed to build and strengthen students’ understanding of economic theory steadily and in a practical and ‘real’ context, helping them to apply their knowledge to analyse current economic problems and issues. While taught in discrete ‘disciplines’, we encourage students to appreciate the interrelationships between microeconomics and macroeconomics. Our students are encouraged to think critically, debate and deliberate, and to make informed and well-supported decisions. We also aim to build students’ quantitative skills so that they are able to work confidently with statistics and use conceptual models to support evaluative arguments

Mrs Anderton Teacher of Economics