Redgrave College

Named after: Sir Steve Redgrave (1952 - )
The world's most outstanding rower of all time:
  • 1984 - Gold in the Los Angeles Olympic Games
  • 1988 - Gold in the Seoul Olympic Games
  • 1992 - Gold in the Barcelona Olympic Games
  • 1996 - Gold in the Atlanta Olympic Games
  • 2000 - Gold in the Sydney Olympic Games

5 Consecutive Olympic Gold Medals - a feat which has confirmed him as one of the greatest athletes in Olympic history. He also won 9 World Championship medals

Steve was awarded the MBE in the New Year's Honours List in 1987 and the CBE in the New Year's Honours List of 1997 and following his success in Sydney was awarded a Knighthood in the 2001 New Years Honours List.

Motto: Palmarium, Consilium, Fidelitas

  • Palmarium - Outstanding
    To always strive to do our best and to be the very best in all things we do
  • Consilium - Wisdom
    To be wise in our decisions and in our judgements
  • Fidelitas - Loyalty
    To value, respect and sup-port each other at all times

Anthem: Spectrum (Say My Name) - Florence and the Machine
College anthems will be played in school when a college wins a competition. So be prepared to hear our college anthem a lot!

Say my name "REDGRAVE"
As every color illuminates
We are shining
And we shall never be afraid again!


  • The colour of good judgement
  • Combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red
  • Associated with ambition, wisdom, pride and creativity
  • It is worn by royalty and people of authority
  • Believed to be the ideal colour

Mascot: Owl - Wisdom in all things

About our College
Redgrave College is all about creating a family atmosphere where everyone in our college feels valued, safe and happy. {{hoc_redgrave}} and your Progress Tutors will be working with you all through your school life to ensure you maximise your potential and achieve at the highest level.


Colour: Purple

Location: D Block