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Dear parents, carers and guardians,

I would like to thank you for all your support so far this term.  We continue to see improvements in areas that in April needed rapid improvement.  Indeed, I believe that we now have a strong argument that improvements are now sustained in key areas across the school.  This could not be done without the support of families, the young people of Ormskirk School, the staff and the wider community.  We still have much more to do – and we will with your continued support.

Christmas is rapidly approaching and the longest term in the school calendar is nearly over!

The run up to Christmas is busy in any school.  I am really looking forward to the Carol Concert taking place at Ormskirk Parish Church and the Winter Warmers Concert in school.  I attended both of these last year prior to taking up my role.  They are true highlights in our school year.

Some slight changes that have had to come into effect for the last few weeks of this term - unfortunately the daytime Carol Service, where Year 7 & 8 traditionally walked to the church has had to be cancelled this year.  My understanding is that the logistics of supervising 500 young people walking to the church meant that other year groups had to be sent home.  Due to changes in the law, schools are no longer allowed to close for such reasons.  Without closing – there would not be enough staff to supervise, etc.  Unfortunately, the daytime Carol Service cannot go ahead.  I would like to thank the Vicar, Mrs Bicknell for her understanding and support in this matter. Please be aware that this means pupils, in all year groups, will stay in school all day on Tuesday 17th December. School will finish as normal on this day at 2.30pm (Tuesday timings).

Also, on the school calendar there are early closures indicated, one on the final day of this term and one on the final day of the academic year next summer.  School will close on these days at 1.30pm after our young people have had lunch and been registered.  They will only miss one lesson on these occasions.

I would just like to thank the Year 10 team for the absolutely amazing work done around anti-bullying.  We now have 65 Anti bullying Ambassadors in Year 10, the majority volunteered to take up the role – Superb!!

Thank you for your continued support.

Martin Witter

Dates for your diary

Monday, 9th December
Year 12 & 13 Test Week (2)
Wednesday, 11th December
Winter Warmers Concert
Thursday, 12th December
Year 11 Parents' Evening (1) 4:00PM
Monday, 16th December
Senior Presentation Evening
Monday, 16th December
Year 9 & 10 Stretch and Challenge Day
Tuesday, 17th December
Carol Service
Wednesday, 18th December
Year 7 Disco 6:30PM
Thursday, 19th December
Year 12 Taster Day and West Lancs Taster Day
Friday, 20th December
Closure after school
Monday, 23rd December
School Closure - Christmas
Wednesday, 25th December
Bank Holiday: Christmas Day
Thursday, 26th December
Bank Holiday: Boxing Day

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