Statement of Intent

Science touches all our lives, whether we are looking into the furthest reaches of space or at the tiny microbes that damage our health.  A study of Science involves addressing huge moral issues, such as climate change, energy production, food and overpopulation, health and how we could use our dwindling resources better. At Ormskirk the intention is that all students will have a good understanding of Science which will enable them to make sense of and adapt to a rapidly changing world.

With our specialist teachers in Science, the department are well placed to deliver lessons that are designed to meet the needs, abilities and aspirations of every individual student, from key stage 3 to key stage 5.

We aim for Science lessons to be inspirational, challenging and engaging. All teachers frequently use a wide range of varied, imaginative resources and teaching strategies to ensure active participation in every lesson. Teachers model, demonstrate and prepare well-organised and safe practical activities. The department are passionate about Science and this enthusiasm allows us to provide opportunities for students to explore the scientific world around them.


Science Curriculum Overview