Subject Overview

In the Drama & Performing Arts department, it is our intent to nurture creative ability alongside the aim to build personal skills, which are an essential part of being an effective citizen. We aim to develop engagement, creativity, communication and oracy, autonomy, leadership, confidence, negotiation and cooperation skills, which contribute to each students’ social, cultural,moral and spiritual development. 

We will make a positive impact to the outcomes of every child by encouraging students to participate in the Arts - aiming to spark an interest or enthuasim, which will last a lifetime. As a department, we recognise the importance of students being provided with enriching opportunities to attend live theatre performances, review performances, work with professionals, participate in performance projects and Drama workshops and perform in a high quality School Production for the School and wider community, which will foster an interest in the Arts and promote professional expectations and performance discipline. Opportunities are embedded which allow students to develop their creative thinking skills; applying their knowledge andunderstanding of Drama & Theatre, alongside the development of performance skills in terms of characterisation, awareness of audience and the assimilation of key features of style and genre, combined with developing analytical and evaluative skills to critique professional and peer performances, considering a range of texts, genres and styles. In addition, we aim to offer opportunities for students to engage with the subject, by shaping their own ideas for text or stimulus and to learn to understand and harness their own creativity and unique ideas, alongside the ability to utilise and understand individual and diverse perspectives.

Drama Subject Staff

Mrs Simm Lead Practitioner of Creatives
Miss Hodgson Head of Drama