Subject Overview

In PE it is our intent that our curriculum will enable our learners to become responsible, effective young people, by building the core skills and values of sport – resilience, leadership, self-confidence, empathy, respect, conflict resolution and compromise through the explicit promotion of sporting etiquette. We will aim to make a profound positive impact to the outcomes of every child through encouraging students to participate in sport and physical activity leading into participation and enjoyment in their lives beyond school. Opportunities will be provided for students to compete at school, club, regional and national levels, which will foster their ambition to take part in life long physical activity outside of school and in doing so, transform life chances in a way which will support positive outcomes. Our curriculum promotes a healthy active lifestyle focussing on enjoyment, a love of sport or physical activity which in turn will lead to the promotion of mental, social, physical and emotional well-being and the benefits of sport to the whole person.

PE Subject Staff

Mr Davis Director of PE Faculty
Mrs Houghton Teacher of PE / Key Stage 4 Co-ordinator 
Miss Bell Teacher of PE
Mrs Vercell Teacher of PE
Mr Jones Teacher of PE
Mr Wakefield Teacher of PE
Ms Heaton Teacher of PE