Subject Overview

In Business Education, it is our intent that students develop a solid grounding of the requisite employability skills, knowledge and understanding expected from their future employers. The key stage 4 curriculum offers a breadth of content that will provoke the naturally inquisitive minds of our young people, who will have the confidence to explore the subject further and ask probing questions, to help embed their knowledge and understanding of how businesses operate in a global context. Students will be encouraged to take calculated risks and think outside the box through stretch and challenge activities, which will prepare them for a natural progression to study Business or Economics at Ormskirk School’s Sixth Form College.

At key stage 5, it is our intent that students have the opportunity to progress onto a level 3 programme that will be fully accessible to a variety of abilities and learning styles. At A level in Economics, students will discover the answers to micro-economic questions such as how markets form as well as macro-economic questions such as, how an economy is structured.  At A level in Business, students will develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the internal and external effects on business decision making and strategy. At BTEC Level 3 in Business, students will be able to develop the practical elements of organisation, time management and prioritising, whilst ensuring that units of work are produced to a high standard. All three qualifications will support our students to develop the higher order skills of synthesis of information, contextualised analysis and evaluation that are required for them to take the next steps in their lifelong learning journey; be that at university or in employment.

Business Studies Subject Staff

Miss Hunter Head of Business Studies / DofE Coordinator
Mrs Anderton Teacher of Business Studies / Induction Tutor
Mr Calcutt Teacher of Computer Science and Business