Subject Overview

Our aim is to develop students’ confidence, imagination and skills in the three main components of reading, writing and spoken communication*. Our curriculum will provide opportunities for pupils to communicate, compose and comprehend English Language and English Literature in a wide variety of forms. Our core purpose is to foster a love of literature and language, encouraging students to read widely and independently. We aim to make our students into discerning, critical readers whose analytical skills will allow them to interpret the ever more complex linguistic world around them. Our curriculum enables students to experience a range of contemporary and literary heritage prose, poetry and drama from our culture and different cultures around the globe, whilst also aiming to inspire students to express themselves imaginatively, appropriately and effectively.

*Spoken Communication is embedded throughout the English Curriculum.

English Subject Staff 

Miss Peet Director of English Faculty
Mr Newton Lead Practitioner
Ms O'Neill Assistant Director of English 
Mrs Cross English Key Stage Co-ordinator
Ms Watts Teacher of English / Head of Year 10
Mrs Haigh Teacher of English
Mrs Haworth Teacher of English
Dr Hinchliffe Teacher of English
Mrs Kennedy Teacher of English
Ms Peters Teacher of English
Mr Proctor Teacher of English