Subject Overview

In RE, it is our intent to provide learners with the opportunity to investigate the beliefs and practices of all six major world faiths and discuss the impact they have on the lives of believers, communities and themselves. Learning in RE follows a thematic approach allowing learners to consider religious and personal responses to a range of relevant, pressing current issues. The curriculum will promote learners curiosity and confidence to ask deep and meaningful questions about the world around them and dispel misconceptions to enhance social, moral, spiritual and cultural cohesion and understanding. We will support our learners to develop skills that are transferable across all subjects and employment in later life and will deepen and broaden their understanding of the world around them now and in the future so they become accepting and tolerant of others. Learners will be inspired to continue the study of religion post 16 and will be encouraged to ‘think like a philosopher’.

Religious Education Subject Staff

Miss Drake Head of RE Faculty
Miss Davies Teacher of RE
Mr Hurst Teacher of Humanities