On behalf of Ormskirk School, we would like to welcome you to the Sixth Form College.

Our Sixth Form is built around a set of core values:

Meeting the needs of every student. Raising students’ expectations of what they can achieve. Valuing tradition and innovation to provide the best we can for all students. Being inclusive and collaborative and providing a supportive environment where all students can flourish and reach their full potential.

At Ormskirk Sixth Form College, students are supported in their journey to higher education or training and apprenticeship with a systematic programme of taught sessions, talks and visits. We also have links with universities including Edge Hill, Liverpool and Cambridge.

Success in the College is all about partnership. Students who work positively with staff and the opportunities made available to them find that their opportunities expand. You will find that you get out exactly what you put in and life is about more than just your choice of A-levels. All students take part in a wide range of extra-curricular enrichment activities – whether in sport, drama, art or music, or in service to the school or local community. Volunteering in these ways demonstrates a commitment to the school and often, younger pupils in the school community. Sixth Form students play a vital role as role models and benefit greatly from broadening their horizons and experiences in this way. In addition, by showing endeavour and commitment outside of your A-Level subjects, you can provide crucial information about your character and qualities for admissions tutors/employers considering your applications.