Subject Overview

In the History Department our aim is to promote a curiosity and understanding of the country and world in which students live. We will provide a rich and varied curriculum which provides students with a knowledge of the history of Britain, Europe and the wider world, with the skills to understand it, to find their place in the world. Ultimately, our curriculum is driven by our core belief that the better a student’s understanding of history, the more prepared they will be for the world, as we say, “Better historians make better people.”

In Key Stage 3 we will aspire to create young historians, inspiring a passion for learning about the past and through it allow students to understand the history of Britain from the Norman Invasion through to the 20th century. We will also advance pupils from Key Stage 2 by developing their core understanding of core historical concepts of sources, interpretations, significance, cause and consequence, and change and continuity, and similarity and difference. We will enable them to apply their knowledge and encourage them to think inquisitively, developing skills that will support them in understanding the world around them and preparing them for GCSE study in a number of subjects.

In Key Stage 4 we aspire to build a deeper understanding of how the past has shaped the modern world in which students are growing up. We will advance their history skills to a deeper extent and will challenge them to confront wider concepts such as tolerance, cultural difference, and compassion. We will prepare them to act and think as well-rounded citizens of a diverse community.

In Key Stage 5 students we aspire to push students’ historical understanding to the highest level, in their knowledge and application of skills. We will build a clear understanding of global history which advances from KS4 and prepares students for an understanding of the world to which they will contribute throughout their lives. We aspire to equip students with the skills set to excel in their chosen careers and make a positive impact on the future world.

At all key stages our approach to assessment will embody a growth mindset. In the History department we are committed to ensuring that all pupils can fulfil their potential and become successful, regardless of ability, but with a very clear understanding that success is not immediate nor without setbacks. We will be fully committed to creating a learning culture in which students at all levels feel confident in expressing their understanding without the fear of making mistakes. All students will engage in the process of continual improvement by taking on the challenge, reflecting on feedback and taking actions improve.

History Subject Staff

Mr McGrath Director of Humanities Faculty
Miss Todd Teacher of History
Mr Todd Teacher of History & House Progress Lead (HPL)
Mr Bryant Teacher of History
Mrs Deary Teacher of History
Mrs Wenham Teacher of History & House Progress Lead (HPL)
Mr Hurst Teacher of Humanities