What is PDC? 

PDC stands for Personal Development Centre and is a centre staffed fulltime by a team of non-teaching staff that have many years combined experience working with young people and providing academic and emotional support in a variety of ways. The role of each staff member is to help provide pastoral support and practical support alongside sanctions and behaviour management. PDC always work in close partnership with teachers and the executive ELT team, parents, carers and specialist agencies. PDC is always the first point of contact for parents/carers regarding any concerns or issues. 

What are the aims of the service? 

Our aim is to identify any concerns or issues at the earliest possible opportunity and remove any barriers to learning which may prevent students from reaching their potential. We provide ourselves in knowing our young people well and work alongside teaching staff and HPL's to develop positive relationships with them and their families. 

The Pastoral Support Team at Ormskrik School commonly offers help and support in the following: 

  • Responding quickly as possible to any issues and ensure that difficulties are discussed and resolved in the best possible way
  • Behaviour support and management 
  • Emotional help and guidance 
  • Academic Support 
  • Restorative Approaches 
  • Peer meditation 
  • Links to specialist external agencies when needed
  • Motivational groups 
  • Implementation of behaviour sanctions 
  • Investigating incidents 
  • Meetings with parents and external agencies 
  • Contributions at Ormskirk School meetings as required 

Ormskirk School PDC Team 


Mrs Kennedy Welfare Assistant
Mr Asgharyzadegan Pastoral Behaviour Manager
Mrs Connelly Pastoral Behaviour Manager
Miss Haury Pastoral Behaviour Manager
Miss Hawkins Pastoral Admin Assistant
Mrs Hyland Pastoral Behaviour Deputy Team Leader
Mr James Pastoral Behaviour Manager
Mrs Johnston Attendance Manager
Mrs Oldfield Pastoral Behaviour Manager
Mrs Reynolds 6th Form Pastoral Support Manager
Miss White Pastoral Behaviour Manager
Mrs Wright Attendance Officer